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At Centrali Marble, we have a vast and unique inventory featuring natural stones from countries ranging from Brazil to Italy and China. We offer our products to not only homeowners, but fabricators and local distributors in the area as well. Our customers have the ability to come to our store and hand pick their specific slab of stone for themselves from our beautiful quarries. They come to us for the best experience when it comes to buying marble and granite directly from the source.

Our inventory features over 2,000 slabs of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and more. Our magnificent stones are used as kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, marble tile floors, cabinets and backsplashes- just to name some examples.

Additionally, we offer the service of unloading and delivering containers of stone imported directly from our quarries to anywhere in the United States.

We can turn any area of your home or business into something eye catching and unique. Check out some of our projects for yourself!

Some high end projects we worked on are: The Faena House Sales Center and Como Traymore Hotel in South Beach.

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